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What is LearningZen?

Learningzen.com is a free training and education community. Our goal is to give everyone access to knowledge that will make them better today than they were yesterday. We will give these individuals the power to prove they have gained that knowledge by validating real learning has taken place. We want to give companies and organizations the ability to train their staff in a low cost, easy to use, and effective manner. We want to revolutionize the Learning Management System (LMS) marketplace by building a strong community of students, educators, and collaborators. With your help, we can.

Where do I submit bugs?

Please submit all bugs to support@learningzen.com.

How do I get help?

For technical and product support contact us at support@learningzen.com. You can also check out our site forums in the collaborate section.

What kind of content can I post?

Content restrictions can be found within our terms of service and community policies.

How do I report inappropriate content or a copyright violation?

Contact us at support@learningzen.com.

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