About LearningZen


Our mission is enabling people to realize personal and organizational potential through education and training. LearningZen is dedicated to creating an Internet-based community for small businesses, nonprofit organizations, government agencies and individuals to educate, learn, and collaborate.



We care about the success of our clients. Their challenges quickly become our challenges and we invest skill, effort, and passion to create excellent solutions. We value long-term relationships and understand that how well we collaborate with clients is as important as how well we solve their problems.


Integrity is our most valuable asset and defines who we are and how we conduct business. Integrity creates trusting relationships that drive short- and long-term success for customers, partners and ourselves. Integrity drives effective decisions, efficient operations, new opportunities and successful solutions. There is no substitute for integrity.


Mutual respect sustains the collective health and vitality of LearningZen and creates a sound work environment where performance flourishes. Respect of person, idea and contribution is woven into formal company policy, meeting tone and casual conversation. Positive interaction affects how we feel and how clients feel. Respect for customers, partners and each other is non-negotiable.


Accountability empowers us as a company, as teams and as individuals to be industry leaders. Personally and collectively, we hold each other accountable for creating a respectful work environment and completing exceptional work that creates value for clients, partners, each other and the communities in which we work.


Innovation means anticipating the future needs of clients and creating products and services that set new standards for learning and training tools. Successful innovation demands market knowledge, creativity, leadership and processes that rapidly turn new ideas into products and services.


Innovating means collaborating is critical to market-leading performance. Traditional corporate hierarchy and titles mean little and everyone contributes their skills in multiple functional roles to create innovative and reliable solutions for clients.


LearningZen employees contribute a wealth of unique talent, skill, experience and emotional intelligence. They are passionate about improving themselves. We invest in appropriate continuing education including formal institutions, seminars and mentor relationships that enable employees to expand their capabilities.


Diversity of experience, perspective, education and culture leads to a richer understanding of client needs and creates innovative products and services that exceed client expectations.

LearningZen actively fosters a diverse work environment with employees, business partners, educational institutions and professional organizations. Each of us plays a role sustaining an environment that respects the value diversity creates.


Secure products and services are paramount to maintaining trust in us and fostering a collaborative, online learning community. Our security response plan includes deploying resources to investigate issues, resolving verifiable security problems, responding quickly to customer alerts and notifying clients quickly if needed.

Security is a core component of both technical and product strategies. We use the best technology and processes to ensure the highest levels of security in our solutions and services. LearningZen technical teams consider secure code a primary deliverable and hold themselves accountable for ensuring your security.

Security efforts extend beyond the technical aspects of products development to business operations and with business partners and associated organizations. We comply with industry security standards, legal requirements and participate in industry initiatives.

Report security issues regarding your LearningZen for passwords, login, spam, potential fraud and other account abuse issues at security@learningzen.com.

Email security@learningzen.com with potential or existing security problems. Provide a detailed summary of the issue including date, time, ability to replicate the issue and contact information, either an email address or phone number, should we need more information.

Responsible disclosure of potential problems gives LearningZen the opportunity to resolve problems and minimize risks before problems can be exploited, causing greater harm. Support LearningZen by participating in this industry best practice.


LearningZen understands that privacy is critical for creating and maintaining a collaborative, online learning environment. Our learning management privacy strategy guides methods by which we collect, use and store personal information for clients, partners and associated organizations. The strategy is regularly reviewed and updated in product development strategies and business operations.

Privacy concerns are a core component of both technical and product strategies. We use the best technology and processes to ensure privacy in our solutions and services.

Efforts extend beyond the technical aspects of products development to business operations and with business partners and associated organizations. Employees are frequently trained to ensure compliance with industry standards for the data they manage. Business partners and associated organizations are required to comply with LearningZen and industry standards and laws regulating the use and security of personal information. LearningZen complies with industry standards and participates in industry initiatives.

LearningZen enables clients to control, modify and protect personal information, to control, limit and prevent contact. LearningZen technology, services, and solutions can be trusted to safely study, educate and collaborate.

Community Affairs

Education and training are a critical activity of productive communities, businesses and individuals. This vision reflects the core capabilities that make us excellent. We support community initiatives that further this vision and welcome inquiries requesting support. Contact us at community@learningzen.com.


Excellence at LearningZen is the result of team members. We look for passionate, creative and intuitive people who will create the future of online education and training. We focus on team-oriented achievements and highlight individual accomplishments that contribute to LearningZen's success. Great candidates have experience, comfort, and desire for a collaborative team environment as well as education-related expertise.

LearningZen offers competitive compensation and benefits packages, a collaborative and creative work environment and flexibility to meet unexpected demands outside of work. Contact us to learn more at careers@learningzen.com.

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